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Creative Writing in Covid Times: 2021

Nearly a year later and we still find ourselves locked down trying to make the best of a very changed world. It seems so long ago that we took going for a coffee with friends so much for granted!

But it has also been a time of great innovation and experimentation. Having to completely change the delivery of my classes from a physical venue to completely online was an adjustment. People were nervous that the experience would be cold and distant. People who had very little need or interest in technology prior to the pandemic were terrified of the challenges of going online for the first time. It created an initial anxiety for some, but it also presented a manageable challenge too. So many people accepted that challenge, refusing the isolation of lockdown, and came onboard to join me in the virtual world.

Technology has become easier. Does it have glitches? Of course, but nothing that is insurmountable. Teaching classes online has been a lovely surprise. Opening the meeting for the class and waiting as the participants join one by one from the virtual waiting room, each looking forward to seeing each other and sharing an hour or two of poetry and prose is still a great experience. We still have the catch up before we begin, the genuine inquiries of “how have you been?” have taken on a new meaning since Covid. We have created a new kind of connection where like-minded people can still share time together doing something they love.

So, for the moment my classes are staying online. There are a variety to choose from. Have a look at the menu on the main page and if you want any more information about a specific course email me and I will get back to you asap.



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