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  Creative Writing

          Transition Year

Creative expressive writing serves the imagination and creativity of the individual. Writing fosters self-expression and allows students to communicate their feelings and experiences on topics that matter to them through the medium of the fictional character. The act of writing focuses the curator of ideas to think deeper and confront conflicts and  solve problems on behalf of their fictional characters. 

This course allows the student’s creative voice to be expressed outside of the rigidly of exam preparation. The freedom to express creatively fosters emotional intelligence while honing writing skills that will serve the student across all careers.  

The opportunity to be creative, to create something from the well of the imagination, can reflect and nurture emotional health.



This Course:  


  • Introduces the elements of story and story structure

  • Encourages and develops imagination through the creation of fictional character and settings

  • Explores self expression and problem solving through the development of conflict in characters

  • Prompts critical thinking

  • Cultivates emotional intelligence

  • Develops language versatility



Creative writing allows students to delve into their creativity using the tools at their disposal: words and imagination.


Week-by-week this creative writing course will introduce the main concepts of writing a fictional story though a series of creative exercises,  text-led discussions and practice.



Course Outline



Week 1:

    Introduction to Story Writing

Language as the medium



Week 2:

    Building a Fictional Character

Observation, originality and description

Expressing emotions on the page



Week 3:

     Where in the World?

Imagining a story setting

Past, present or future?



Week 4: 

      What’s the Problem?

​Plot development

Story planning and decision making

Week 5:


       Say What?

       Dialogue writing

     Capturing voice



Week 6:

    Joining the dots


                                                             Putting your story together

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