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Memoir Writing Course

What is memoir writing? Memoir writing is a creative, non-fiction medium for anyone who wishes to tell a story from their life. The act of memoir writing has evolved over the last thirty years and continues to evolve each time someone decides to write, creatively, about their life. The creative possibilities for life writing are as endless as the originality of the individual story and personal style of the author.


Memoir is an unique form of life writing that allows the author to confront and contemplate a significant period in their life and through the creative process share their experience and insights with others.


If you have a life story that you have been waiting to write, and if you would like to learn more about memoir writing this is the course for you.


Join this creative supportive environment and begin the journey of writing the stories from your life.



Course Outline



Week 1.         What is Memoir Writing?

                     An exploration of the theory and origins of memoir writing 

Week 2:         Who Cares?


                     Who are you writing for?

Week 3:         Getting Started

                      Where do I begin to tell my story?

Week 4:          Telling the Truth

                      Can you tell the truth in a small town? The rights and

                      responsibilities of writing memoir

Week 5:          Scene and Summary

                      Decisions: what to include and what to leave out of your story

Week 6:          Identity 

                      An exploration into identity:  our personal, cultural    

                      and social fingerprint

Week 7:          Finding Your Voice

Week 8:          Sharing Lives

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