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 Creative Fiction Writing Course




This course is aimed at anyone who enjoys writing and would like to learn the basics of  short story writing. Each class will be devoted to learning and developing new creative writing skills. Through a series of creative writing exercises, each participant will begin the process of writing a complete short story.  This course will encourage new writers to share their work, in a creative supportive atmosphere, with the other participants in the group helping to generate confidence and ideas.

Course Description

Through creative participation the participants will learn to:


  • Identify and understand the basic elements of story telling: Plot, Conflict, Character and Resolution

  • Develop 3D  fictional characters

  • Create appropriate settings for a story

  • Explore  the types and uses of figurative language

  • Capture voice in dialogue writing

  • Learn to develop these elements individually through creative writing exercises 

  • Edit and revise work in progress

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